Smart heating is so easy.

Meet the eCozy Home Thermostat.

Design driven: inspired by nature

Both the thermostat and control unit have a spherical shape – the most natural shape to be seen in nature. We created a small sphere, having the biggest in mind.

Helps you save without trade-offs

eCozy’s promise is to cut your heating bill by up to 30% due to smart self-learning technology: around 500 Euro savings per year without giving up comfort. No more compromises.

No overconsumption. Never again

Spending less energy is not only good for your bill, but also has a significant good impact on the world around you. We developed eCozy to be effective and eco-friendly.

Remote control for your comfort

No matter if you just left home for a walk or coming back after a long day – eCozy is fully manageable remotely by your smartphone and accessible via eCozy Cloud.

Self-learning. Smart. Adaptable

eCozy’s technology employs adaptive algorithms that adjust to your environment and personal habits. So your smart thermostat knows how to make you feel comfortable.

Easy to install + Easy to upgrade

eCozy will easily become part of your smart home due to an extremely fast set-up procedure. You won’t require a certified professional to help you: just unbox and install in minutes!


eCozy Thermostat



Cozy interaction



Remote control


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A design to brag about

“This device is incredible! Not only it works seamless, but looks gorgeous. A great addition to your smart home!”

Djois Sronipah – former Microsoft OEM department Director for EMEA

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Talented team behind

“The team comes of excellent engineers, talented designers and people, who care what they do!”

Sascha Liebhardt – Dean European Business College

Meet The Team

Look meets functionality

“The look & functionality for classic thermostats has been finally reinvented with glance!”

Gunther Fischer — Microsoft Senior Manager embedded systems

Explore Features

Secure & Scalable

A secure and elegant solution that provides you with the necessary level scalability level in every situation.


Seamless software integration that allows your thermostat to work with third-party applications

Easy to set-up

Set up your thermostat in 3 single steps and less than 1 minute. So easy that even your dog can do this!

eCozy Cloud

With the help of eCozy Cloud you can access all your devices remotely & easily through your smartphone.

Hi! We appreciate your interest in our smart & eco-friendly heating solution! Yes, we’re working hard to bring you the best ever heating experience! You’ve probably heard from other startups that “they’re working hard”, but we actually do.

You can follow our progress indicators here. Join our eCozy Priority Club to be updated about the product launch & shipment dates. We will inform you only about useful stuff and you will have a chance to get one of the great prizes from eCozy! To join the Club, please, enter your e-mail in a box below!