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Will the eCozy thermostats work also without the eCozy Central Unit?

You will need at least one eCozy Central Unit to control the eCozy thermostats (up to 16 eCozy Devices can be managed with 1 eCozy Central Unit).

How much can I save with eCozy on regular heating costs?

Depending on your heating routine and temperature conditions - you can experience savings up to 30% of your annual heating bill.

Can eCozy thermostats reduce my heating bills?

eCozy thermostat has a potential to reduce heating bills, if the the control systems are adjusted with regards to individual’s schedule. Less energy consumption when a person is out of household.

Do I have to check with my landlord before installing eCozy thermostat?

This one is strictly depends on the contract between you and your landlord.

Do I need to drain radiators to install eCozy or it clips to the existing valve?

You don’t need to drain your water heating radiators, since you don’t have to remove any valves. You just dismantle the old thermostat and install eCozy thermostat.

Do I need to have Wi-Fi to use eCozy Smart Heating Solution?

No, you can also use it without WLAN connection, however we strongly recommend to use WLAN connection for maximum operational capacity.

Does the eCozy Smart Heating Solution work without the eCozy Central Unit?

You need to have at least one eCozy Central Unit in your apartment/house.

How can I check on my eCozy Shop order?

Please refer to your order confirmation email.
If you have further questions about your order, contact us via “contact us” form indicating your order number.

How can I order a professional installation?

You do not need a professional installer, due to the fact that it is very simple.

How can I save money with eCozy?

eCozy adjusts your heating patterns by heating your apartment only when necessary. By constantly monitoring temperature in the room, eCozy thermostats keep the desired temperature. Our system is designed to work only when its necessary, and work in an economical way of heating. That means that our system never overheat or underheat your apartment and with that helps you save up to 30% on your heating bills.

How can I upgrade my existing thermostats to maximize my energy savings?

The most important part of energy saving is the system control setting. With eCozy you can make sure your scenarios are set correctly with regards to your schedule, so that when you are not home there is no overheating.

How do I contact eCozy Support?

Visit Contact Us form on the support page of eCozy Website and leave your inquiry. Our support team will contact you.

How do eCozy smart algorithms work?

Depending on factors, like room’s size, the outside temperature, time in which heating was not previously used, personal habits – due to repetitive manual settings, eCozy creates a mathematical model of the environment, whereupon the temperature curve with each cycle gets more and more accurate, and thus reduces heating costs and increases energy saving. eCozy automatically downloads information regarding the current outdoor temperature and weather forecast from the Internet.

How does a thermostatic radiator valve work?

TRVs consist of two main parts, a thermostatic head which senses the air temperature around them and the valve body, which together regulate the flow of water through the radiator which they are fitted to. Inside the thermostatic head is a sensor containing a wax or liquid material which expands as the room temperature warms up and contracts when it cools down. The sensor is connected, in turn, to a valve seat inside the body which opens as the sensor expands and closes as the sensor contracts. As the TRV opens to allow more hot water from the boiler though the radiator, more heat will be given out by the radiator. As the TRV closes and restricts the flow through the radiator, less heat will be given out by the radiator, however, please note that the TRV does not switch the boiler on / off, it only regulates the flow of the available hot water.

How does eCozy save my money?

eCozy helps you to save money on energy bills through several different unique features
Heating your house only when its necessary
Optimizing heating curve
Learning about thermostats environment.

How long will it take for me to receive my purchase?

Depends where you order from. Maximum 7 working days.

How long will it take to process my order?

You will receive an order confirmation email from us after you have completed the checkout process.
Typically, your product should arrive within 5-7 working days from the time it’s shipped.

How many eCozy thermostats do I need for my home?

Depends on how many rooms you would like to equip with eCozy, however no more than one eCozy thermostat per each water heating radiator.

How much does eCozy bundle cost?

eCozy Thermostat €69
Starter Kit (1T+CU) €179
Comfort Kit (3T+CU) €299

How much time does it take to get the desired temperature?

It depends on many factors such as
Size of the room
Current temperature in the room
Current temperature outside
Thickness of the walls
Workability of the water heating radiators
Amount of the water heating radiators

How will my eCozy products be shipped?

Ordered products will be shipped via one of our partner logistic companies for all orders within European Union. Typically, your product should arrive within 5-7 working days from the time it’s shipped.

I’m a member of the media. Who can I talk to about the eCozy Smart Heating Solution?

Please write us at for all media inquiries.

I don’t have Wi-Fi in my home. Can I still use this product?

The eCozy Smart Heating Solution is designed to be used with and without WLAN, however for full operational capacity, it is necessary to use WLAN. Without WLAN you will be able to use all features of the Smart Heating Solution, except for
Weather forecast adjustment
Remote control out of WLAN range
WarmUp mode
software update
notification services

I placed an order and it hasn't arrived yet. What should I do?

Your product will typically arrive 5-7 working days after it has been shipped.
If you have any further questions about your order, write us via “contact us” form indicating your order number and date of placing the order.

If I want to buy a boiler, will it still be possible to use eCozy thermostats?

eCozy Smart Heating Solution is designed for water heating radiators. You have to have water heating radiators in order to use our system.

In which countries is eCozy supported?

eCozy will work in every country with water heating radiations (In Europe 97% of households are equipped with water heating radiations). An adapter set for Danfoss valves will come with your package (eCozy Kit).

Is the eCozy Smart Heating Solution CE (marking for products which are sold in European Economic Area) approved?

eCozy Smart Heating Solution is completely approved with CE marking.
eCozy thermostat is CE approved.
eCozy Central Unit is CE approved.
eCozy thermosensor is CE approved.

Is there an eCozy installation booklet available?

Every eCozy Box is equipped with fast installation guide.

My product arrived damaged. What should I do?

If you ordered your eCozy product and it has arrived damaged, please write us via “contact us” form indicating your issue and order number.
If you ordered your eCozy product from a contractor or retailer, contact the contractor or retailer to return it.

Should I consider changing my existing thermostats?

You might consider changing your existing thermostats if you still have old manual thermostats. While changing your thermostat you might find out that there are many possible options for change. However, what makes eCozy thermostat to have upper hand before others, is its combination of smartness (smart algorithms that make your life easier) and a unique design (Red Dot Design award winner). Fully automated, intellectual system will make sure that you benefit from it both in savings and in comfort.

What are the eCozy customer support hours?

LiveChat support is available between 9 am and 18 pm CET Monday – Friday. LiveChat support is available at
Customer support is reachable through ‘contact us’ form. Reply within 12-24 hours.

What comes in the eCozy box?

In the box you will find eCozy thermostat (Starter Kit) or 3 eCozy thermostats (Comfort Kit), eCozy Central Unit, batteries, Danfoss adaptors, power plug and a quick start guide.

What energy savings can I expect from eCozy?

With eCozy you are able to save up to 30% on heating costs.

What happens to my eCozy Smart Heating Solution settings if the power goes out in my home?

All your settings and scenarios are stored and managed via your eCozy App. This means that even if power to your Smart Heating Solution System is out, you won’t have to reset anything. When power is restored, your Smart Heating Solution will start operating automatically according to your preferences.

What is eCozy return policy?

eCozy products are to be sold under the two year warranty during which a product may be returned if it fails to operate properly on its internal reasons.

What if my accommodation is very big, do I need several eCozy Central Units?

In case you have a very big apartment, which might be not covered completely with one eCozy Central Unit, you can easily have the second one to have a role of a repeater and increase coverage.

What is the difference between "Comfort Kit" and "Starter Kit"?

Starter Kit has 1 eCozy thermostat and one eCozy Central Unit; in Comfort Kit, however, there are 3 eCozy thermostats and one eCozy Central Unit.

What is the eCozy warranty?

The warranty for eCozy thermostat, eCozy Central Unit and eCozy thermosensor is 2 years from the date it was purchased. Please keep your receipt of purchase for warranty approval.

What mobile devices can I use with my eCozy Smart Heating Solution?

eCozy App is available for iOS and Android smartphones.
iOS - eCozy App is only supported in iOS 7.0 or later devices.
Android - eCozy App is supported in Android 4.2 and above.
eCozy App is not yet supported in Blackberry or Microsoft devices.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®. All credit card information you provide to our server is fully encrypted and secure. Your credit card will be charged when your order ships.

Where can I find media materials about the eCozy thermostat?

Please write us at for all media inquiries.

Where do you deliver?

We are delivering worldwide.

Which water heating radiators are compatible with eCozy?

It is possible to mount eCozy on Danfoss RA, RA/VL, RA/V valves and any other valves fitting the type M30x1.5.

Why should I install an eCozy thermostat?

eCozy thermostat have an upperhand before others as it is a combination of smartness (smart algorithms that make your life easier) and unique design (Red Dot Design award winner). Fully automated, intellectual system will make sure that you benefit from it both in savings and in comfort

Will my eCozy Smart Heating Solution still work if I lose my Wi-Fi/ZigBee connection?

Yes, the eCozy thermostats will continue to operate your heating system even when your WLAN/ZigBee network is down. Some features, such as go away/warm up modes, remote control are only managed through the eCozy App and will not function while the connection is down, but you will still be able to adjust your temperature settings directly from the eCozy thermostats itself. Your eCozy thermostats will automatically reconnect to your eCozy Central Unit once your network is restored.

With which home automation systems is eCozy compatible?

eCozy is fully compatible with ZigBee Home Automation Profile 1.2 therefore with such platforms like Qivicon, Almond and others.


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