Easy installation

In only 90 seconds!

What is eCozy?

eCozy is a smart thermostat for water-radiators. However, eCozy is not just an ordinary thermostat – with its intelligent design, it can be controlled via the eCozy app, or directly on the thermostat’s large and colorful touch-display.

eCozy’s thermostat is ZigBee-powered – so it “talks” over the ZigBee communication protocol with the eCozy Central Unit, which is an essential part of the eCozy Smart Heating system and is used to manage up to 16 eCozy devices (eCozy Thermostats and external Thermosensors).

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Control temperature with eCozy

convenient control over the app or directly on the thermostat

eCozy app

fast & flexible

Set the desired room temperature directly in the eCozy App. You prefer to stay flexible? No problem! You can individually set the temperature for each thermostat.

eCozy thermostat

simple & direct

Adjust temperature easily and intuitive right on the Touchdisplay of the eCozy Thermostat. Simply place your finger to right on the screen to increase the temperature, or on the left to reduce it.

Heating plans

comfortable & efficient

Have no worries over your temperature control. Simply create a Heating plan within the app and eCozy will take care of everything else!

Now you have the choice

We have created a smart home solution where you finally can decide between flexibility and privacy.

You place extra value on privacy and security aspects? Then simply use eCozy without any Internet connection via the WLAN of the eCozy Central Unit.

And if flexibility is of greater importance to you – say you want to control your heater from anywhere – just connect the eCozy Central Unit to the Internet!

Without internet

More security

If you want to use eCozy without Internet – then simply connect your smartphone with the eCozy thermostat via the eCozy Central Unit. How? Your eCozy Central Unit can create a private WLAN. Through it you can connect your devices. This way you can control your thermostats with the app – you just have to be in the range of the eCozy Central Unit.

With internet

More flexibility

You can also use eCozy with internet. For this, you shall just connect your eCozy Central Unit with your WLAN network. This way, you can access the eCozy thermostat from anywhere! How cool is that?