Future with eCozy Smart Home heating system

With eCozy dreams come true. Should you have thought about comfortable control over your heating system, then eCozy is exactly what you need! Test it now, buy it later.

As the winner of the “Red Dot Design Award 2015”, eCozy can be seamlessly integrated into the modern living environment and has high demands on compatibility. The touchscreen thermostats connect to the central control unit (CU) via the ZigBee wireless standard and can be controlled via the smartphone with an app. The system can also be connected to other Smart Home centers. Applications for iOS and Android are free.

eCozy is the first lifestyle thermostat system with 3 colored OLED display for water radiators, which can be easily installed on almost all heating systems in Europe. The assembly is also simple and clear for inexperienced customers.

The CU is easy to position and requires no LAN cable. It works directly with an existing WLAN in “remote” mode (worldwide) or via its own WLAN in “local” mode and controls up to 16 thermostats at the same time. The “calming” LED light of the CU can be used as a modern “night light lamp”.

If the temperature changes to the desired level, the command is sent to the CU. This process takes only 10 seconds (other systems require up to 15 minutes). The thermostat is basically in the “sleeping mode” and updates regularly to retrieve new information from the central unit. The battery life of eCozy thermostats is between 1.5 and 2 years.

The logical intuitive app has a number of setting options, which can be individually adapted to your needs. For example, the “Warm Up” mode can be used to set the desired temperature at home exactly by the time of arrival. A special “Anti-Fire” mode detects a rapidly rising temperature in the room (but does not replace a smoke detector!). The “Open window” mode automatically stops the heating when the window is open. The “Lock” mode is made to protect thermostats from unauthorized access and is perfect for families with small children. The blocking is possible in 3 stages: lock control, lock indication and disable disassembly.

The innovative heating algorithm eCozy was praised and recognized as particularly innovative by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economics, Energy and Technology (2014).
Do you want a comfortable control over your heating via app and heating plans? Then test eCozy app now! – Just download it from the Google Play or the App Store for free and use the “Demo” mode. Since there is no need in hardware, you can have the first look and feel it already now!