Our Thermostats Have Been Tested by SIIO

We are tremendously excited to see the feedback from our customers, experts in IoT (Internet of Things) and media outlets.

Our CEO, Andre Kholodov, has an engineering background. Three years ago he decided to buy smart thermostats for his apartment and he wasn’t able to program them. That made him mad for a moment but then sparked an idea to build a thermostat which you can install, program and use without any hassle.

eCozy started as an IndieGogo project, that was 110% funded on December 20, 2014. It took two years to upgrade and polish the prototype to its current state, and to finally start the manufacturing process. In September 2016 all backers received their thermostats. Then, we announced the launch of eCozy brand new website and started selling eCozy thermostats through the chain of partners: Conrad Electronics, OTTO, TInk (many more will be announced soon!).

Would you like to know the results of the “eCozy thermostats test-drive” by the prominent blog about smart home technologies in Germany? Head over to SIIO.de (the article is in German).

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