The Smart Heating Revolution

The future is coming closer with the growth of value in Smart Home area. Think about it, get used to it, and get involved!

“While we are still asleep, our house operates in order to prepare the day before us. It simultaneously controls heating system, warms up the water, makes sure that we are awakened via the gentle music, as well as it slightly opens the blinds to let the morning sun in. The social media reports the current weather information, refrigerator automatically prepares required shopping list. Automatic doors, that open up and close down by themselves when we leave or enter the house, cleaning robots and other household maintenance support devices begin to operate on their own. Most importantly, a comfortable room temperature awaits us upon our arrival…”

Don’t you think your daily life could be similar? No? Well than it is vain. As specialists of smart heating control system, we implement some of the abovementioned features.

There are many favorable systems, which are exclusively for heating control, yet they cannot be later integrated with other systems such as light, security or emergency. Therefore, with a small investment from your side, you could arrange a living place with comfortable heating control with various features, from remote heating planning to the smartphone control.
While some household elements do not use Smart Home radio standards, they can still be implemented with the devices, e.g. an open window at the living place turns down the heating temporarily.
There are numerous intelligent solutions for heating control of the entire building or apartment available on the market today. Depending on the type, your heating system can be connected to each radiator by the radio signal and be independently regulated to allow each room temperature to be determined separately at the desired time, e.g. when you leave the house, the entire house temperature can be minimized. An internet connection is not necessarily required.

Internet, however, is required for the remote control of the system. Moreover, there is a free app for iOS and Android available in stores. You have complete direct (local) and remote (worldwide) control over your Smart Thermostats. The system is expandable and offers you a lot of room for heating costs.
Generally, you should know whether you want to choose a single manufacturer or a standard based systems. A single manufacturer’s proprietary systems are generally quite attractive in terms of prices and can offer a broad portfolio from a single source, yet it makes you attached to the following manufacturer. On the other hand, if you choose standard based system, your selection of manufacturers will be significantly greater.

Smart home products have never been cheaper, safer, more efficient, and more reliable than today.

In our next eCozy Blog, we will explain why our Smart Heating system is interesting, well thought out and simply better than others are.