What is a thermostat

Heating radiators can be regulated in 5 steps or so, that often leads to overheated or freezing rooms. Achieving the right temperature is often only a coincidence. If you do not want to leave your comfort at random, it’s time to choose a smart heating system.

The optimum comfort temperature is different at different times, depending on the purpose of
the room. It is recommended to keep the temperature in bedrooms at 18 degrees. For sleeping, the temperature should be two degrees lower and you need at least 23 degrees when you’re awakening. The temperature ​​varies for the bathroom and living room according to the individual feeling.

The innovative Smart heating system allows you to make personal temperature adjustments. Heating presets can be programmed as daily, weekly or seasonal plans. It’s not only about comfort but also about saving money on heating bills.

Let us introduce you to eCozy smart thermostats. This heating system consists of three components: the thermostat, the central unit and the app. It’s activated, programmed and controlled via the app. The central control unit translates the command into a technical language and forwards it to the thermostat via ZigBee wireless protocol. The user-friendly app, which is free for iOS and Android smartphone owners, has many other great extras. For example, the pre-heating mode calculates the duration of your commute and warms up the apartment just in time for your arrival. An ‘on-the-go mode’ saves money and protects the environment.

Here are the five reasons to replace your old thermostat with a new one

  1. Efficiency: Reduce your energy consumption by up to 30% thanks to the eCozy Smart heating system.
  2. Security: The Smart Thermostat gives you access to your heating settings at any time and from any location. In addition, the eCozy app has a fire alarm function.
  3. In the age of the digital revolution, digital housing is also moving faster and faster.
  4. Environment: help to save resources and protect the environment through efficiency and intelligence.
  5. Design: eCozy’s thermostat was awarded for its exceptional and excellent design (Red Dot Design Award)

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